Signature Safari Bush Jacket
Bush Poplin | Khaki or Pewter

Introducing our Safari Jacket – A fully functional mens bush jacket designed for function, comfort and style. The rite of passage for the English gentry after WWI and even WWII, that spilled over to the American political and social elite, was and is, the African safari. Be it hunting, photographic; or a combination of both, most of the dress code came from the indigenous military, as it adapted perfectly to environment, weather and function requirements. The “look” morphed over time to an idiom of its own.

Our collection is born out of first hand experience, along with specific projects for A.P.H.A. (African Professional Hunters Assoc.) and local African game warden groups, game species preservation groups, and regional anti-poaching projects.

The key, or course, is the traditional officers blouse (Safari Travel Jacket). Little has changed as far as the configuration is concerned. Modifications came from fabrics that were climatologically more compatible, and what design changes best replaced the leather “Sam Browne” belt (belt with shoulder strap) that officers wore to carry the ceremonial sword. 

Ours has made a host of changes in fabric and design, all geared to significantly improve field functionality, such as:

Product Details:

Reinforced, working "X" box secured epaulets : with keeper guides to ensure canteen and camera straps remain in comfort - high on the shoulder

Notched pocket flaps : that allow easy tuck-in to the pocket bag and better access to contents

Set above the chest pockets,: both sides, security zip closure drop-behind document(passport) and valuable pockets

Lower, full bellows pockets: with hand entry pockets behind them

Our Signature side panel construction: eliminates torque transfer front to back for greater freedom of motion

Signature articulated elbows: works with bending the arm without pull-back at the cuff

Half belt detail on back: for individual adjustment at waist

Side "stride" vents and bi-swing pleats: for added comfort and freedom of movement

Classic Jacket Lapel: Features the classic style safari jacket lapel.

Signature roll-up sleeve: with hold tab to exterior button; 7" sleeve placket for true "roll-up" allowance

Imported: from long-time manufacturing partner from Willis & Geiger days

Interior easy-access cargo map pockets:

Signature Bush Poplin: 100% long-staple cotton distinguished by its compact weave of high-twist yarn

Price: Retail $239