Signature Field Pant
Bush Poplin | British Tan

Introducing The Ultimate Field Pant

Our objective was to offer a unique, lightweight field pant to compliment our award-winning Signature Field Shirt – that delivers performance and function without sacrificing quality, comfort and style.

From our 100% cotton long-staple bush poplin to our innovative comfort features -- to functional details you've never seen before, our all-new Signature Field Pants will out-perform all the rest: on the trail, in the field, or back in camp. 

With our design philosophy of "function, not fashion", we always strive to make things better, never cheaper. Every performance feature and construction detail we design into our garments is vetted by asking: "How will it function in the field?" and "Will it make this garment work better?" That's why our new Signature Field Pants cost more than other field pants, while delivering a whole lot more.

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Made in Hong Kong by our long-time sewing partner from back in the Willis & Geiger days.

Product Details:

Three adjustable sizes: These Signature Feld Pants come in Medium (32 - 34), Large (36 - 38) and Extra Large (40 - 42) sizes, and feature 2-button waistline tabs on each hip that allow easy adjustments for a perfect fit. The leg inseam on all sizes is 32" (If you require a different length, please inquire.)

Retail Price: Sale! $109 // Retail: $199