Signature 6-Pocket Jean
1968 Cone Denim | Made in USA

JEANS have become a world wide staple – the more widespread, the more labels. Over our years of consulting for many outdoor brands helping them to design their own jeans, this six-pocket concept was always rattling around in our minds...WHAT IF...? 

So now, the “WHAT IF’s” are here – After a year of development with samples and much discussion, we are showing you our 1968 Cone Denim Six-Pocket Signature Jean, with a NO WASH finish which means we have added the 1” identified as shrinkage in length to all inseams offered – so please wash first, before deciding to shorten.  And we also suggest that when you wash, always “pull your jean inside out” – this will help maintain the dark color of indigo to the degree that it is possible! 

Made in the USA – both fabric and jean.

Product Details:

1968 Cone Denim: Milled right here in the USA, 1968 Cone denim is an "old school" Draper-loomed denim acclaimed for its exceptionally hard-wearing, uniform texture. Sold unwashed (with 1" allowance for length shrinkage) – the 14.8 oz fabric breaks in quickly and looks better with every washing.

Sixth Pocket Design: Unique, hidden, zippered security pocket dropped behind right back hip pocket eliminates "pick-pocket" concern.

Reinforced Pocket-Entry Trim: French washable leather used for all pocket binding edges.

Gentlemen's Comfort Zip: For guys buying waist sizes starting at 36" to 42" with 7" zippers instead of standard (and uncomfortable) 6-1/2".

True Seven Double Bar-Tacked Belt Loops: Features seven loops as done not only on worker's jean, but also fine trousers – not the "designer" jeans five loops. Our heavy-duty, field sportsman belt loop also brings the bottom turn-up edge to and under the waist band for stronger control of any belt – not cut off with raw edge showing like so many other jeans.

Rich Bridle Leather Patch: Stamped with our Signature logo, the rear leather patch acts as center, back belt loop.

Classic, Slimmer Leg Fit: Waist 32 to 42; Inseam 30, 32, 34

Retail Price: $118