Hand-Knit Muskox Sweater
Classic Cable | Hunter's Rib | 3/4 Zip

The only animal alive today that roamed the earth with the dinosaur, yet continues to thrive today in the arctic. To weather this kind of climate, it is covered in a unique coat that it sheds once a year.  The Canadian government passionately protects the herd in order to insure the perpetuation of the most thermally efficient yarn on earth. Every summer the local inuit eskimos gather the fields of “under hair” that the muskox has shed, and bring that to the “concessionaire” – a friend of Avedon & Colby, who lives in Canada; but who is Peruvian by birth. This has allowed him to build a long standing business, combining the skills of hand knitters in Peru with the talent of yarn spinners in Italy. 

Understandably, the rarity of muskox (known as Qivuik) makes it very expensive. Yet, in keeping with his own mantra of “only the best,” he understands how to blend the Qivuik with other thermally efficient yarns such as cashmere, silk, merino, alpaca – even vicuna.

For our product, to make a commercially viable yarn, we asked our Peruvian friend to blend 80% Merino, 15% Qiviuk, 5% Silk; worked in colors that support the true naturalness of this amazing fiber quality.

Uniquely individual, from both the yarn and the skill of the hand; and knitted one-at-a-time in Peru – results here, in very limited quantities.

Product Details:

Premium blend of fibers: 80% Merino, 15% Qiviuk (Muskox), 5% Silk

Hand-knit: In Peru for stunning quality

Comfort: Like nothing you've worn before

Retail Price: $988