Denim Bearer’s Workshirt
Enzyme washed | Indigo Denim


Campsites moved 25-30 miles a day, with the site’s supplies, rifles, ammo, and the most precious of them all, “sipping supplies” of JOHNNY WALKER – all shoulder borne on shirts hand tailored to add shoulder patches from the remnants of shirts of treks past. These were the authenticators…the bearers’ shirts that wrote their own stories of the hunts and treks of Afrikaans life at the century’s turn. We were there, and so was the bearer's shirt – doing its part then as now. Only now, a lot more functional – tuck in pocket flaps and all!

Offered in Small through 2XL and Large and X-Large Tall.

Our Denim Bearer's Work Shirt is sewn in Hong Kong by our long-time sewing and manufacturing partner from the Willis & Geiger days.

Product Details:

Classic Bearer's Shoulder Yoke: works across the shoulder line and onto the upper sleeve, eliminating the armhole seam from working over the shoulder – you almost feel as if you have nothing on!

Signature Side Panel Construction: Tailored side panels replace traditional side seams (which are cheaper to sew) to separate the front and rear shirt panels to prevent transfer of torque so the shirt body does not twist or pull when climbing, crawling or pulling.

Double-Reverse Arm Gusset: A revolutionary design allows for complete freedom of arm movement by preventing any pulling on the shirt's sleeve when arms are raised or rotated when shooting, fly casting or using binoculars.

"Field Sized" Upper Chest Button Closure Pockets: with workable box pleat on pocket bag and our signature notched pocket flap for easy tuck-away.

Articulated Elbows: A sequence of small pleats at the elbows help prevent the shirt cuffs from pulling back and binding when bending arms for shooting, fly casting or using binoculars.

Sleeve Roll Tabs Plus Two-Button Adjustable Cuff: Extra-long sleeve roll tabs are hidden inside each sleeve to accommodate easy rolling up of shirt sleeves without binding.

Horn & Urea Buttons: Stronger and more durable than traditional horn buttons, the Signature Bearer's Shirt buttons are molded from ground horn powder and urea-methanol resin to withstand harsh washing on rocks (when on safari) or high-temperature commercial shirt presses back home. Raised button rims protect the thread from abrasion.

Center Back Yoke Shirt Hanger Loop:

Dress Shirt Front Placket: The seven-button front placket features a horizontal lower buttonhole, which counters the natural stress of the button so it won't pull out.

100% Cotton Indigo Denim: Enzyme washed; 6.3 oz medium-weight fabric

Sizes Offered: S - 2XL; L Tall, XL Tall

Retail Price: Sale Price: $109! / Normally $169

Special Price: $109