New! Signature Bush Pilot Shirt

Our 100% cotton airplane cloth Bush Pilot Shirt allows for complete freedom of movement in tight cockpits and is exceptionally comfortable to wear during the longest flights. It shares all of the innovative comfort and performance features found in our award-winning Signature Field Shirt, and its unique airplane cloth fabric is light and cool in hot temperatures, highly wind-resistant and exceptionally hard wearing -- with a lustrous, smooth surface and soft hand for exceptional comfort during the longest flights.

Signature Features: 

Comfort features include a generous, full-length bi-swing back that extends from the top of each shoulder to the waist to prevent pulling on the sleeves when reaching forward while accessing controls and switches. A unique, elasticized mesh panel inside the shirt reseats the bi-swing pleats to their original positions to maintain a trim, snag-free profile.

Our unique double-reversed underarm gussets allow for complete freedom of arm movement by preventing any pulling on the shirt’s sleeve when arms are raised or rotated to reach overhead controls. Each sleeve seam follows the arm-motion pivot points to reduce cuff “pull-back” and waist “pull-out” to allow arms to move freely while keeping the shirt tucked in.

Additional features include new, required button-down epaulets, our reinforced zippered security pockets, functional box pleats on both breast pockets, exquisite tailoring and classic styling.

Color: Natural Cotton (Off White)

Performance Details:

Sun Collar: A flip-up collar extension prevents sunburn on the back of the neck. Constructed with a military-style "zig-zag" stitch (a Signature Feature) to keep it rigid without adding additional thickness or weight, the sun collar stays up without curling or folding back on itself.

Throat Latch: A unique fold-back throat latch and concealed keeper button prevents wind from blowing down the wearer's neck on chilly days.

Hidden Button-Down Collar: Hidden buttons secure the shirt's collar tips to prevent them from flapping against the wearer's face and neck in high winds or when boarding a helicopter or bush plane.

Sleeve Roll Tabs (a Signature Feature): Extra-long sleeve roll tabs are hidden inside each sleeve to accommodate easy rolling up of shirtsleeves without binding.

Pocket Loop: A convenient pocket loop keeps sunglasses readily accessible.

Contoured Shirt Bottom: The gently contoured shirt bottom is shaped for comfort and style, whether tucked in or left out.

Horn & Urea Buttons: Stronger and more durable than traditional horn buttons, the Signature Field Shirt buttons are molded from ground horn powder and urea-methanol resin to withstand harsh washing on rocks (when on safari) or high-temperature commercial shirt presses back home. Raised button rims protect the thread from abrasion.

Dress Shirt Construction: All seams are single-needle stitched and surged to prevent any fraying of material.

Dress Shirt Front Placket: The seven-button front placket features a horizontal lower buttonhole, which counters the natural stress of the button so it won't pull out. The "turn up" design of the placket bottom (not a simple fold-over) is a hallmark of fine shirt making.

The Signature Bush Pilot's Shirt is sewn in Hong Kong by our long-time sewing and manufacturing partner.

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