All-Terrain Field Pant
Rugged Dual Canvas Pant

Introducing Our All-Terrain Field Pant.

With our design philosophy of "function, not fashion", we always strive to make things better, never cheaper. Every performance feature and construction detail we design into our garments is vetted by asking: "How will it function in the field?" and "Will it make this garment work better?" 


Made from a combination of our All-Terrain 7- and 10-oz. canvases, where the use of 10-oz offers major support to the ”high wear areas” and it is both water and abrasion resistant. The 7-oz. canvas is both durable and strong, while offering a softer feel for fit and the ability to provide incredible detail where movement, zippered fly and pocketing are concerned.


Some of the unique features on our All-Terrain pant include the oversized crotch gusset, a soft waistband & French fly, contoured fabric panels that allow maximum movement and comfort while maintaining a trim, stylish profile.

Eight 2-inch "field sized" belt loops include three "tunnel loops" at the side and center-back to help support belt-mounted camera cases, holsters or knives.

Critical rear pocket support panel – borrowed from military design – supports the rear hip pocket bags from side seam to center making it a 2-ply fabric that the hip pocket welts sew into.

Pockets include massive capacity and functionality side cargo pockets, extra-large rear hip pockets with YKK zippers and canvas entry trim and roomy, easy-access 10" front pockets. 

Articulated Knee: The design at the knees mirror the shape of the legs allowing for a more comfortable fit and greater freedom of movement.

Snake Boot Tab: Each lower leg features a two-position button tab for easy adjustment to assist with fitting into boots.

To view all of the features in detail, please click here.

Retail: $199

Made in Hong Kong by our long-time sewing partner.

Product Details:

Sizing: The new All-Terrain Pants come in waist sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42, and feature 2-button waistline tabs on each hip that allow easy adjustments for a perfect fit. If you are between waist sizes - we recommend ordering up in size, not down. The leg inseam on all sizes is 32".